Stair Towers: Modular tower systems for roof and equipment access

Permanent, exterior metal stair towers have traditionally been custom engineered for each application. Lapeyre Stair's pre-engineered stair tower system is a modular, permanent, code compliant stair tower designed to save cost, lead time, and installation time versus custom engineered stair towers. 

Pre-engineered, permanent stair tower systems

Lapeyre Stair's stair tower systems are designed to be free-standing, permanent stair towers for many different applications. 

 Roof access
Tank access
Long-term construction site stairs
 Equipment access
 Work platforms

Lapeyre Stair's stair towers systems can be designed with our standard OSHA or IBC compliant bolted metal stairs or with OSHA compliant alternating tread stairs to reduce layout space. All stair tower systems are 100% factory finished and stackable, bolt-together installation to reduce field labor and cost. Our engineering team has pre-engineered all configurable systems to reduce engineering time and cost. 

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                       OSHA standard stair tower for tank access                OSHA alternating tread stair tower for roof access

stair tower system ATS roof tower system

Stair towers vs ladders

Historically, fixed caged ladders have been the standard for roof access and tank access. In the 2017 update to OSHA Walking-working surfaces, OSHA eliminated cages as a means of fall protection, so now ladder systems that extend higher than 24' must be equipped with a personal fall arrest system or ladder safety system. OSHA 1910.23(b)(13) also prohibits carrying objects or tools up and down ladder systems making them very cumbersome for maintenance personnel. Stair tower systems have built-in guardrail systems for fall protection making them safer and easier to use than ladders for these applications. Lapeyre Stair's systems also provide adequate tread depth for safety and ease-of-use. Users can carry items up and down without harnesses. For safety and efficiency, designers and facility managers should consider permanent stair tower systems in place of ladders. 

Stackable, modular stair tower installation

stair tower-1Lapeyre Stair's stair towers are designed in modular units to be quickly installed by stacking units on top of each other. Units are assembled than stacked on top of each other by bolting together at the base plates for easy alignment. No welding required.

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Factory finished

Stair towers come factory finished in either powder coat or hot-dipped galvanized for outdoor stairs.

Code compliant

Stair towers are pre engineered and code compliant. They can be designed to be OSHA compliant or IBC compliant depending on the application. 

Non slip metal tread surfaces

Tower systems can be designed with various tread surface options to meet the demands of the application:

Bar grating for exterior stairs
Metal diamond plate 
Lapeyre Stair Quiet Grip™ tread system with non slip surface coating

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