Equipment Platform vs Mezzanine: What’s the Difference?

July 14, 2021

Often, we have different words for the same thing. For example, the motorized machine you drive down the road can be referred to as a car or an..

Galvanized vs Powder Coated Steel Difference: Which Stair Finish is Best?

June 28, 2021

Industrial, commercial and even residential staircases can be made of steel. Reasons for utilizing steel include its strength and durability...

Powder Coated vs Stainless Steel Difference: Which Stair Finish is Best?

June 21, 2021

Because of its general strength and durability, steel is a common choice for staircases in commercial and industrial environments. However, not..

What Is A Mezzanine Floor? Definition, Construction & Uses

June 15, 2021

Mezzanine definition A mezzanine is an intermediate level or levels between the floor and ceiling of any storyin accordance with Section 505 of..

Concrete Stairs vs Steel Stairs: Which is Best & Their Differences

May 21, 2021

Stairs are a key feature of any multi-level structure, including industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Not only is the design of the..

OSHA Walking And Working Surfaces Checklist (2021 Inspection Assessment)

May 5, 2021

Improperly maintained and used walking and workings surfaces are the number 1 source for falls, slips, and trip hazards in the workplace. To..

What Is Diamond Plate, How Is It Made & What Is It Used For?

April 29, 2021

Walking surfaces can be made from a variety of materials. Every day we walk on a combination of familiar materials including concrete, pavement,..

Means Of Egress Definition In Construction (with Examples)

April 28, 2021

A means of egress is the path of travel from the building to the outside. It is the emergency escape route in case of fire or other emergency and..

Stair Head Clearance Code: Minimum Head Clearance With Pics

April 14, 2021

Stair head clearance is a design feature of stairways that helps to reduce the chance of head or other injuries on stairways. The minimum head..

Exit Discharge Requirements (Definition, Level & Exceptions)

March 30, 2021

An exit discharge is a critical component of an exit route or means of egress from a building. In the case of emergency, it ensures  occupants a..

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